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Strawberry passionfruit tart
Cute way to make sure your other half eats their 5+ A Day!

Cute way to make sure your other half eats their 5+ A Day!

Thank Goodness It’s Nearly Friday…

1. Over the past year I have really fallen in love with water colour and illustration. I just love the detail in this piece of work found on Design Inspiration, it is truly beautiful!

2. MMMMMMMMMMM YUM! I love lemon meringue pie and these would be so great for little party nibble dessert.

3. These cushions are so bright and cheerful, they would brighten up any room in a jiffy. GORGEOUS!

4. I love the screensaver on this computer, so I went and downloaded it myself. I also love the contract of the black wall and white furniture and accessories. A very inspirational office.

5. I have been following Agnes-cecile’s work for the last couple of months, with my new obsession of watercolour, and I hope to be able to do work as good as her’s one day, it is just beautiful!